Shivanasamudram Falls


Ooooh… whatta height…

Shivanasamudram (also known as the Siva Samudram) is a waterfall in southern Karnataka, Malavalli taluk, Mandya District. The Kaveri River splits here around a small island resulting in two cascades flowing into the same pool. The western cascade is known as Gaganachukki and the eastern cascade is known as Bharachukki.

It is a 4 km deviation from the route to Kollegal from Bangalore (Via Kanakapura). The waterfall is 98 m tall, and has a maximum recorded flow of 667,000 cubic feet per sec. One of Asia’s oldest hydro-electric power station, still functional, is located at the waterfall. This spectacular waterfall is surrounded by hill forests of the Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary. It’s really a nice place to visit.

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