DIT 2003 Meet-cum-Party at Bangalore


On the fine day of May 7th 2006, Kammo called me and said Punetha (Rajeev) is here, come to my place and we will enjoy, I said Okhhay Sire… I’ll be there by 6… and fortunately I reached his place by 6 exactly. Now Kam said let’s have a party… do you know Dwivedi’s number, I said yeah… I have it… lemme call him… then I called him and got him to our place within half an hour… that’s cool… now we thought why not call everybody who can come down and we will have a gala time… then we called each and everyone and then… believe me… everybody came over and we had a nice time… I, Kammo, Sid, Dev, Akhilesh, Honey, Anuj, Shanky, Punetha, Dwivedi, Madhur, Ashish and so many others had a really memorable and unprecedented party-cum-meet. See Snaps Here…

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Sumit Mittal
16 years ago

abbe saalon mere bina party! i’m coming to blorei n July, we’ll have one more.. whatsay?

16 years ago

Aaja Aaja… badi wali party hogi… pakka…

16 years ago

aare mast hain sir..
i missed it… next time main bhi:)

16 years ago

Sure, this time it was unplanned. Next time when you come here (Paks), we will make it more organized and will have even more fun 😀