Grow Up Kids

Masala, Hypocrisy, Fantasy, exaggeration… Despite all this I loved Slumdog Millionaire. I have heard people slamming, slapping, doing/saying whatever they want to, and in short criticizing this movie. Our own AB is one of them. Grow up kids, accept the fact. Nobody can deny that truth is always exaggerated, but still a component of truth is TRUTH.

I am very keen to read Q&A now.

P.S. AB = Amitabh Bachchan

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12 years ago

I got a chance recently to watch this movie. I really loved this flick; fantastic acting by each cast (esp the kids). Brilliant scene selection and their sequences as that makes your hooked to watch it till the end, Superb camera placement and shots (a learning from Danny;).
I have never been an AB fan 😉 but Jamal getting the AB’s autograph was the best comic scene I liked in this movie.
AB- you ruled the bollywood and I must say your comment about this movie was insane. We know from your past that how selfish you are I am sure you didn’t work in that movie as probably Danny was offering you the same price as Anil Kapoor 😉