Kudos to Team India

Triumphatic Duo

Triumphatic Duo
On the fine day of 19th Feb India won the Hutch Cup by defeating Pakistan in 4 out of 5 matches. This was really a great match, those who missed it are really unlucky. The killer Mahendra Singh Dhoni was simply awesome and the Touch’em’all guy Yuvraj Singh played a fine inning. Dhoni scored 4s and 6s like it was an meteoroid shower in the end of the match whereas Yuvraj showed his great temperament by staying on the wicket for a longer time only to put some concrete in the base of this win, he was 107 not out. Overall it was a nice high adrenalin action to watch.

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15 years ago

indeed great series for india and a fitting reply to Pak.
great blog

15 years ago

आपका चिट्ठा भी बहुत अच्छा है। अब अंग्रेज़ों को फिर भारत से भगाना होगा, हरा कर। इस बार देखते हैं वह कौनसे बहाने बनायेंगे हारने के बाद।

15 years ago

Well the hindi doesn’t look like it worked out well on the comments, but here it is in english :

You have a great blog too! Thanks for visiting, now we have to chase the English away after defeating them. At least the Pakistanis admitted that we played better than them, the English usually make excuses about the weather, the food, the crowd…