Moto Ming (A 1200) Launched in India

Linux powered Moto Ming (Motorola A1200) was launched in India two weeks back. It’s one of the latest Linux based Moto phones. Phone looks awesome and is too delicate to handle. After beeing in my hands for two weeks it has already got a few scratches :(. 2 MP camera, Smooth rubber coated body, translucent cover, bussiness card reader, touch screen and really great sound quality make this phone even more must to have. Ming in chinese means crystal clear and bright, this phone proves the meaning. J2ME applications are easily installable, and Yahoo! has promised to launch “Y! Go” for Motorola phones too. 🙂

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16 years ago

Motorola A1200 model is not the same that is launched in China. The model here have less features ,like handwriting and speech recognition,Wi-fi.

16 years ago


Handwriting and Speech Recognition are there in the model which was launched in India. You are right about WiFi.


Dear Sir, I am utilizing the moto ming A1200. I would like know that How to install the ‘Themes” and ‘Games” into my mobile.You are kindly requested to guid me.
Thankig You

15 years ago

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