Sanjay Dutt: Who is Almighty, The Law or God

Sanjay Dutt
In a country like India, Mera Bharat Mahan, who is almighty? Law or God. I remember when Sanjay Dutt had to go to jail in 1993 for 16 months, his father used to read Sundar kand of The Holy Ramayana almost daily just for his well being. Today, what happened, we all know. Sometimes I think that our Desh is run by the Courts only, is that true? The Judges found him guilty of possessing an AK 47 that time, judge Kode declared that he is not a terrorist but he had done a crime of doing a sin of keeping a banned weapon in his suitcase. Sunill Dutt is not alive to read The Sundar Kand any more for the well being of his son but not-a-terrorist Sanjay Dutt has been escaped from being ominous for his family. The Law (Indian so-called-by-me God) is working !!!

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