Fedora Core 6 on Compaq Presario V2000: Running WiFi (ipw2200)

Today I installed FC6 on my Compaq Presario V2000, had to do some tweaks to get the WiFi running. Here is what I did:

1) Install Livna RPM Repository information:

$ rpm -ivh http://rpm.livna.org/livna-release-6.rpm

2) Install ipw2200 firmware:

$ yum install ipw2200-firmware

3) Add following to /etc/modprobe.conf:

options ipw2200 hwcrypto=1 associate=0

4) Add ESSID and CHANNEL in


5) Add the KEY (WEP or WPA etc.) to

6) Start:

$ ifup eth1

It starting working for me, did less struggle as compared to FC5. 🙂

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