Oye! Amritsar

This is the first time in Bangalore that I really loved the food at a restaurant, that’s Oye! Amritsar on the roof of Ruby Tuesday building at Church Street near Brigade Road. It was the authentic Punjabi Food with that typical taste and presentation. I loved the Dhaba look and the various shops inside which all had a common menu.

Kale Chane ka Shorba (Soup) was the dish I liked the most and I would recommend everybody to taste it once.

They have the lunch buffet as well, thinking of taking everybody to this place one day for lunch at least.

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15 years ago

hummmm…even for me the same …this is the first time i like resturant food in blore…

15 years ago

I had a chance to eat out there. I liked the food esp cool drinks like (Aam ka panaa, jaljeera). Its good no doubt. Here are few things one needs to think before making a visit:

-> Good food
->Good location

-> OA serves very Less Qty. This means 1 curry may not be good for even two folks.
-> And, secondly its lil over pricey.
-> Tough to get a parking

Summary: if you love goood food and don care about anything else then this is the place to vouch for. If you think about your wallet settle for another restaurrant Aaangan (Koramangla)