iPhone OS 3.0

Apple is all set to launch the iPhone OS 3.0, it’s the Kick Ass thing I have ever seen in the connected world. Apple is going to rule the planet with this thing in everybody’s hand, here are gory details of what’s it’s gonna cheer you with:

For Users:

  • Cut-Copy-Paste, not only within the application but between apps too.
  • MMS, send media over cell phone network.
  • SMS forward, even to multiple contacts.
  • Contact Sharing over Bluetooth, SMS, vCard.
  • Stereo Bluetooth, A2DP.
  • Landscape on-the-fly re-layout-ing for all applications.
  • Improved Stocks Application, provided by Yahoo!.
  • Calendar sharing, calDAV, subscriptions.
  • Search within the applications such as email, SMS etc.
  • One shot search across all applications – Spotlight (MAC Lovers know it already.)
  • Notes Sync.
  • Shake to Shuffle.
  • Shake to Undo-Redo. (Pretty Cool)
  • WiFi Auto Login.
  • Antiphishing and Autofill for Safari.
  • OTA Profiles.
  • LDAP Support.
  • Support for Turn-By-Turn GPS Apps.
  • Voice Memos, sharable over MMS or email.
  • Over 100+ New features for users.

For Developers:

  • 1000+ new APIs to build apps on.
  • In-App-Purchase.
  • Peer to Peer Connectivity, a revolution in iPhone mobile gaming and local sharing.
  • Accessories, custom applications can be written which can talk directly to the connected hardware such as blood pressure tool or sugar lever measure or even a musical instrument.
  • Built in Map control APIs.
  • Push notifications.

I can’t wait, simply can’t wait for it. Countdown Begins, Apple is launching it this summer. I would recommend watching the preview at least once, it rocks.

Thanks Apple for making a nice thing which I love, is always with me, is always ON and is always connected, even more nicer.

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