Airtel 3G

Airtel has launched it’s 3G services in Bangalore, I enabled it, it’s the first time I am using any 3G service on my any phone. Airtel delivers more than 1 mbps in normal coverage conditions on my iPhone 3GS, here are the screenshots which I took from the two Speed test Apps that I have (Ookla and Cisco):

3G Test by Ookla
3G Test by Ookla
3G Test by Cisco
3G Test by Cisco
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3 Responses to Airtel 3G

  1. vikas says:

    Thats great !!

    Technological advancements in India are the achievements that we look up to. Some face saving for the country which tops the list in scams.

  2. Samit Sasan says:

    It’s just a tiny fraction of the claimed 21Mbps. Still a good start.

  3. abhinav says:

    @Vikas: well said.
    @Samit: True.

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