Best of Bryan Adams

This was an unforgettable Sunday evening on the 5th day of February, 2006, when Canadian Singer Bryan Adams came to Bangalore for his third concert in India. He denied all the media, by saying that it’s his fifth trip to India, which was chanting that it’s his “Third Time Lucky” trip. 15000+ people turned up for this evening at Bangalore Palace Grounds which I moved every stone to get the tickets for. I didn’t want to miss it as I did last time when he came to Delhi. All crew was in black which seems to be their favorite/lucky concert color. He almost hypnotized everybody with is mesmerizing voice and his series of all time favorite songs like Summer of 69, Best of Me, Everything I do, Baby when you’re gone, I am ready… His last a few songs with just guitar in his hands were simply awe-inspiring. “All for Love” was one of them. A great evening in all for Bangalore ppl and the crowd, full of girls dying to touch him, enjoyed a lot. See Snaps…

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