No Quota… No Quota…

Today I saw finance Minister P. Chidambaram on TV saying the reservation that is already applied at various sectors has revamped southern states of India in a great way over last 45 years. Did he count how many DESERVING aspirants’ aspiration is being sabotaged every year? At least I don’t think so. What I believe is everybody in present government is blind and can not decipher what’s really going on. Why there are thousands of students, professionals, workers, homemakers, children, senior citizens are on the road these days protesting against the quota policy. This dirty politics is overshadowing the great Indian economical growth which is on it’s way. Now the reasons of Indian brain drain are quite obvious to understand. The controversial reservation policy is going to eat India’s best talent.

Youth for Equality

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14 years ago

I agree completely with you. I am from Chennai and did my education there. For my same rank in BE a MBC guy was studying in the reputed Anna UNiversity, where as i landed up in a private college. This is because there is more than 69% reservation in Tamil Nadu and the bc/mbc eat a whopping 20% of general category as well. Ultimately the general category would have a meger 5% of seats for which lakhs and lakhs of meritorious guys compete.. Isnt that an Agony?

14 years ago

nice blog…

14 years ago

you are right. Instead to thinking about dirtly internal politics they should be more focused on the developement of country. I think victory of their party is there primary goal.

To some extent we are also responsible for this. After all we are the goverment.

14 years ago

sorry for my spelling mistakes 🙂

nice blog, keep it up

14 years ago

Aravinthan and Aakash, you both are absolutely right, what I think is the protests which are going on are not just to show anger, it’s the voice of Indian youth, it should not be suppressed untill they get some outcome out of this. I also have so many stories about how the aspirations were sabotaged by this reservation daemon and how the people who were not at all deserving are holding seats in Premier colleges and govt jobs. This is purely dirty politics now, it may have been for a good cause 50 years back.

14 years ago

50 Years back, it was probably important to implement reservations. So they identified SC, ST, OBC communities and the politicians also wanted to ensure that all facilities are extended to them as well. Call it Affirmative Action or Positive Discrimination. But now, the effect of such reservations has been realized. These communities have come out of their prejudiced world. Some members of these communities are good achievers now. There is a different generation now. There is absolutely no need to extend the reservations as there is no prejudice now. Any more of such acts could only be described as vote-bank politics.

FM is also a politician. As if the damage he is doing in the stock market isn’t enough, he now is justifying how the reservations are working wonders in TN. What spineless creatures …

Nice blog you got here …

14 years ago

So did u read my article “show me some merit” entirely before commenting ? Well, I have aleady made an attempt which negates your belief.

14 years ago

Hello Prabin – I read your post. May be you could spend some time reading my post on “Relax! It’s just reverse quotas!”

14 years ago

could u give me a link to that. I am lost actually

14 years ago

@ hyperbole, could u give me a link to that. I am lost actually ?

14 years ago

I have no bone to pick against anti-reservations. I suport you all. Except

1. Don’t hold medical services to ransom.

2. Attack sidelining of merit on all fronts – NRI/management seats, local MLA/MP “recommendations”, etc. The way YFE is going on as makes me feel like a pariah in my own nation.

14 years ago

What do you have to say about this – it appeared in today’s ToI.

14 years ago

Hi All,

Prabin, I read your whole article and then only I put that comment, no doubt your words are great, and I somewhat agree with you, but just wanted to say that this menace is really eating up our society and the youth. If you don’t think youth for equality is worth being on the road then why aren’t those on the road who think they should be. I don’t want to burn any effigy, I don’t want to shout any slogans, but what I want Indian citizens to realize is what’s going on in our community. That’s the fact that career of so many has been affect by this reservation politics and we have to accept it. This is also a fact that reservation has been good for so many during last half a century. But isn’t half a century enough for this positive discrimination (so called). I have so many, so many means at least 25 friends from ST/ST and OBC and we are really nice friends. My one of the best friends is from OBC category, but I couldn’t understand why he didn’t want to take advantage of that. Had he used that he could have been in some good govt college and god knows could have been holding a reputed government job, but he didn’t do that. As far as I understand he is against the quota politics and a strong supporter of equality amongst youth and future of India. See, I am not saying that the talent is there only with so called upper-cast people only. It IS there in so called SC/ST and OBCs also (I don’t know what makes me use words like SC/ST/OBC, I never used them earlier). They are also touching heights with or without using the reservation and I have so many examples about the people who deserved the best selling popcorn. See this is not at all a fight, this is a voice against what they (we) think is wrong. We will have forget what is ST, we will have to forget what is SC and we will have to forget what is OBC, can’t we think about our nation’s betterment? Can’t we think about the highest scorers who are made good for nothing forcefully. I have no bad thoughts about what “You call lower-casts” but we will really have to give it a thought again and that’s why I think the people who are on the road are not doing any bad thing at all.

14 years ago

Crap = Crap = Crap
that’s reservation in a nut-shell
it’s taking us away from the target- unification of the countr
Rather than uniting it’s segregating the people and strengthening the caste-divide for whose elimination is was suposedly introduced

Anyways now that it has been decided to enforce it by the Govt we can do little but wait till the next election

14 years ago

Reservation getting priority over meritocracy will not make India a better place. We have already seen the consequences of the already existing reservations so far, now adding to the woes is this all new 27 % directive.

The day is not far when all these crazy mindless idiots at the government start applying to quota to all places like cricket team, trains, air planes etc!!

Probably its left for ppl like us to be active in the elections and vote for people who haven’t lost their marbles as yet.

14 years ago

nice to know that there is not total disagreement.
“If you don’t…” here I suppose you aint naive to ask the pro-reservationists, so I presume you are asking them, who shoulder the resposibility of Merit and Equality in the society to take on. If so, I guess we are discussing two very crucial and interrealted issue.
1. The concept of Merit
2. Equality
And to the best of my knowledge, the current system of preparing Merit List is considered seriously flawed. Please read So the intelligentsia is deeply devided here. There is no concensus among the faculties in many institutes,made pubic by some of them, that caste-based reservation did or may dilute merit.
On equality I quote a former CJI, “To treat unequals as equal is same injustice as treating equla as unquals.
When you agree with the importance of reservation, I also agree that it should not have been perpetuated this way. But I wont like to go by a timeframe. Rather I would, of course by an unprejudiced expert group, set some parameters of inter-caste inequalities and phase out reservation if there are no significant differences between various castes. See, here the premise I take is- ours is a caste-riddled society till date, I hope that you will agree upon.

The caste structure is not so easy to forget. In fact, being caste-blind is not the solution, being caste-sensitive is. Btw, since we agreed on something, we need not agree on everything. Lets now agree on some disagreements too :))

Mayank Pant
14 years ago

Sahi baat hain yaar…

This reservation promotes inefficiency, inability at the cost of merit…

Ek hi ullu kaafi tha viraane gulishtan karne ko
woh shaake nasheman kya hoga jab har daal par ullu baithe hain

All of them are corrupt with their eyes only on their vote bank

14 years ago

Merit should be respected in all spheres of life.We can’t even think of reservations in the Indian Defence Sevices.Any idea, why?I think education should be given the same kind of priority as national defence and made available to all, and for implementation of such noble ideas we need people who are true to themselves and to the nation. High time the youth of India enters active politics because politics concerns each one of us.

14 years ago

if chidambaram and other politicians feel that the exisitng quota was really helpful then they must be content with it rather than increasing the quota.this will doom our country and all developments for our country can not even be dreamt off.

14 years ago

So many of us can clearly see what’s the intention, purpose.. yet it is still happening!! is this democracy or dictatorship!

14 years ago

See, if you haven’t already, how somebody’s confusions spoil destiny of lakhs:

14 years ago

Every progressive Indian must fight against the quotas in edcation and jobs because this system:
1. Legitimises academic inferiority.
2. Creates successive generations of spongers.
3. Suppresses intelligence and creativity.
4. Causes social disruption.

14 years ago

Brain drain will be the least serious thing happening. What’s more fearful is a lot more might be drained out. MNCs may start winding up from India. Guys accepts it or not, US/Europe/Japan are not lacking in talent but the cost advantage brings them to India. Recently Indian MNC have also started making offers in US universities & reasons simple – doesn’t matter if it cost four times as high if things are well done.

Once I had read – congress is opposite of progress – could not agree more